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How To Play
  1. Every week for four weeks starting Monday 21st February until Saturday 19th March, we will publish a selection of daily bingo numbers in the yellow £20,000 Bingo game panel in the newspaper.

  2. Your Bingo card features 4 bingo games and each game features 2 bingo grids. Each game will last for 1 week.

  3. The game in play will be highlighted above the game panel in the newspaper.

  4. If any of the numbers published appear on either of the 2 bingo grids on your card for the game in play, cross them off.

  5. When you have crossed off all 15 numbers in either ONE of the two grids for the game in play, you can register your claim for a Full House prize.

Prizes & Judging

Prizes will be awarded to the player/s who complete a Full House on the earliest number published, reading from left to right and top to bottom. In the event of multiple claims on the same number the prize/s will be shared. Please note that prize claims are not valid until a member of the newspaper promotions team has contacted you by telephone to confirm your winning prize claim.


Games starting 21st (Game 1), 28th February (Game 2) & 7th March (Game 3) each have a Full House prize of £2,000 plus 10 runner-up prizes of £250. For the game starting Monday 14th March (Game 4) the prize is £4000 plus 10 runner-up prizes of £250. Maximum prize value for the first three games is £4,500 per game.  Maximum prize value for the final game is £6,500. Total prize value is £20,000. No purchase necessary.


Every day we will publish 10 Prize Codes in the newspaper. If your Prize Code matches one of those published in the newspaper then you can enter the prize draw by Telephone or by Post for the chance to win this weeks jackpot. See newspaper for full entry details.


Every day for the 4 weeks during the promotion we will also be publishing a Prize Token in-paper. Simply cut out each token and attach it to the reverse of your bingo card.

Once the bingo has finished on Saturday 19th March and you have attached 12 Prize Tokens, complete your details and post it to the address on your bingo card.

Four entrants will be selected to win £500 each.

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